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I am here - Klinex


my role: asst. puppet maker - model maker

Assistant puppet maker creating parts of wire armatures. Creating several props, on-set maintenance and last-minute prop fabrication.   

client: Klinex

director: Effie Pappa & Irida Zhonga

Parents take care of their kids every step of the way but what happens when it's time for them to go to school? This TVC showcases Klinex's initiative to provide free cleaning products to over 200 schools in Greece.



Production:  Takes2 Productions

Creative Agency:  SOLID HAVAS


Directed by:  Effie Pappa & Irida Zhonga


Produced by:  Kostas Mylonas & Manolis Kontarinis


DOP:  Giorgos Kokkalis

Animator:  Max Martin

Art Director:  Konstantinos Papageorgiou

Asst. Art:  Elena Fardela

Character designer:  Chris Papandreopoulos

Pupper Maker:  Adeena Grubb

Asst. Puppet Maker:  Anastasia Papadopoulou

Production Manager:  Thanasis Kotinis

Production Assistant:  Nikitas Fousteris

Electrician:  Panagiotis Kagioulis

Story board:  Kostas Foutsidis Illustrator

Asst. Stylist:  Melina Kontarini

Sound design:  Oxyzed

Composition & Editing:  Takes 2 post / Chris Theofanopoulos

Colour grading:  Manthos G. Sardis

Behind the scenes film:  George Athanassopoulos

Original music: Irene Skylakaki

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