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Wild World - Cat Stevens

music video

my role: prop designer - stop motion animator

Fabricated real size props and sets mostly using cardboard, papier mache. Created helmet and accessories for a spacesuit. Also did stop motion animation.  

artist: Yusuf / Cat Stevens

director: Effie Pappa

“The film shows how much we need art to direct our thoughts sometimes towards inexpressible goals; to relive early childlike innocence and keep our eyes of hope open beyond the clouds of war and darkness.”

- Yusuf / Cat Stevens

sets & props


"WILD WORLD" Yusuf/ Cat Stevens


Directed by Effie Pappa

Production Company: Monster @ Dirty Films 

Story by Yusuf/Cat Stevens & Effie Pappa



Ingrid: Christina Moraiti

Gambler / Astronaut: Spyros Tatsis

Main Dealer: Dimitris Borotsi Kourkoulos

Piano Man: David Endoze

Sax Man: Nikos Alifrangis 



Penny Alifrangi, Dinos Georgakopoulos, Daliana Georgakopoulou

Producer: Ben Parkin

Executive Producer: Alex Bedford

Assistant Producer: James Robinson

Production Assistant: Tom Davies

Producer Greece: Manolis Kontarinis

Service Production Company: Takes 2

Director of Photography: Dimitris Lambridis

Art Director: Maria Kalamara

Styling: Elisavet Karatsoki

Hair & Make Up: Demmy Stamatopoulou

Editor: Gary Coogan - THE QUARRY

Colourist: Peter Oppersdorff - MPC 

Assistant Director: Efi Papageorgiou

Production Manager: George Pergantos

Camera Assistant A: Stamatis Kouros

Camera Assistant B: Spyros Kontorouchas

Camera Assistant C: Peggy Zouti

Gaffer: Michalis Christoforatos

Electrician: Sakis Kiousis

Electrician: Giorgos Athanasopoulos

Rigging: Stathis Giannikos

Props Maker: Anastasia Papadopoulou

Set Dresser Vasiliki Tsiligrou 

DIT: Christos Theofanopoulos

Sound Engineer: Alexandros Sakellariou

Production Assistant: Dionysis Metaxas

Production Assistant: Christos Panagopoulos

Production Assistant: Markos Kontarinis


Equipment and Studio Rental: Arctos Films 

Lights Rental: Daffy Lights  

Shooting Location: Upper Bar Athens


Edit Assistant: Dave Robinson

Edit Producer Tor Adams

Edit house THE QUARRY

Colour Producer: Edwin Elkington

Colour:  MPC

Post-Production Clean up and VFX: Jake Ben-David 

Additional VFX Effie Pappa

Stop Motion Animation Anastasia Papadopoulou

Audio Mix and Design PJ E Davy & Autow Nite Superstore

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