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Oscar Mayer - Cheesplosion


my role:  model maker | set dresser

Constructed multiple dusty desert landscapes, “gherkins” cacti and some tumbleweed. Set dresser during the 4-day shooting.

director: Anthony Farquhar-Smith

production: Not to Scale

Yamination Studios

An iconic showdown set in the Wild West, a hot dog car and a cheese car collide together to create one of Oscar’s many meaty offerings, the Cheese Dog!



Director: Anthony Farquhar-Smith


Production: Not to Scale

Agency: Johannes Leonardo


DOP:  Simon Paul

Rigger:  Robin Jackson

Animation: Steve Warne

Food Styling: John Bentham

Storyboard: Ravi Swami

Yamination Team:​

Fung Ye Tsang
Anastasia Papadopoulou
Virginia Fuente Rodríguez
Ceridwen Brown
Carla Horton
Angus Ulyett
Sean Walker
John Ashton
Drew Roper

Juliet Carmen Teksnes

Cars:  Paradigm Effect Ltd.

Studio: Clapham Road Studios

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